In the UK property landscape, Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) have emerged as a standout option for savvy investors. But what exactly are HMOs? These are properties that house multiple tenants or households, typically with shared amenities like kitchens and bathrooms. They stand in contrast to single-family homes where only one household resides.

The appeal of HMOs lies in their potential for higher yields. With multiple tenants in one property, investors can often enjoy higher rental incomes, making these properties a lucrative investment avenue. Yet, diving into the HMO market isn’t without its intricacies, especially when it comes to securing the right financing.

Enter Unique Property Finance, a leader in the HMO mortgage space.

Why Choose Unique Property Finance?

  1. Specialist in HMO Financing: As one of the UK’s leading HMO mortgage brokers, our experienced brokers streamline the HMO lending process, making it straightforward for our clients.
  2. Truly Independent: Adopting an impartial approach, the firm ensures that its clients receive top-tier advice, assisting them in choosing the right product with competitive rates and favourable terms. We are not tied into any particular network, allowing us to access mortgage products from the entire market, this is sometimes referred to as a “whole of market” mortgage broker.
  3. Swift and Personalised Services: Time is often of the essence in property deals. Recognising this, Unique Property Finance promises to work quickly and diligently, bringing together partners and associates to ensure our clients can make informed decisions promptly.

For over a decade, Unique Property Finance has focused exclusively on Buy to Let HMO Mortgage products, cementing our position as a specialist in the domain. The sheer volume of clients we assist is a testament to our team’s proficiency – with 10+ new clients securing HMO mortgages every month.

For anyone considering venturing into the HMO space, having a trusted ally like Unique Property Finance can make all the difference. Get in touch to learn more about our HMO Mortgage services and how we can support the financing of your next HMO purchase or HMO remortgage.