The team at Unique Property Finance has worked in the mortgage industry for approximately 30 years. Providing mortgage financing on a daily basis
has meant we have built up a vast amount of knowledge and experience. 

It is no secret that the property market has been a great investment for many. Demand, created a dramatic house price increase throughout the pandemic period and according to a recent Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) survey, property prices are continuing to increase due to a lack of stock. 

As competition for property has stepped up, estate agents and sellers have favoured cash buyers, who can complete a purchase more quickly and flexibly than those seeking a mortgage.

This has meant property investors have needed to act quicker than they normally would and many have turned to Bridging finance to help them buy and develop properties more quickly.

The Bridging Trends report found bridging loans were the most popular among those seeking to purchase an investment property. This was followed by those utilising the loans to fund a “chain break.”

Key Benefits of Bridging Finance

  • Speed – Bridging loans are much faster than ordinary mortgage products, they can take days to complete rather than months like standard mortgages.
  • Flexibility – Bridging loans can be used to purchase Residential, commercial & semi-commercial properties including un-inhabitable properties.
  • Loan Amount – Loans can range from £50,000 up to £10 million.
  • Requirements – Most finance providers will not require a minimum credit score, accounts or proof of income and will also take a view on all credit histories, including borrowers with CCJs and a history of arrears

Our unparalleled understanding of lender requirements and client assessments means that we can provide you with expert advice on how to purchase a particular property, structure your portfolio and identify situations and areas that you might not have considered. 

If you are considering a bridging loan and would like to discuss the various options available, please speak to our expert bridging finance brokers on 020 3645 4322 or send us an email via