Mortgages can be complex products, with a variety of options available to borrowers. So what’s the best way to get financing for your next property purchase? 

Many people choose to go down the traditional route and get a mortgage from a bank or other lending institution. However, there are other, more competitive options available that could be a better fit for your needs. 

One such option is using a whole of the market mortgage broker, that’s where Unique Property Finance comes in.  Read on to find out why you should consider using us to help arrange your next mortgage.

Here are some reasons why you should use Unique Property Finance:

    1. Whole of the market – means we have access to a full range of UK mortgages ranging from buy to let products to second charge and specialist bridging finance.
    2. Flexibility – we have access to 100s of different lenders. Some have more stringent affordability criteria than others. We work hard behind the scenes to ensure we source a competitive product that meets your particular situation.
    3. Market Knowledge – our brokers have expert product knowledge, you can rest assured knowing that we can piece together your file and portray your case yo lending in the most favourable manner.
    4. Access to Underwriters – our team works with a large number of lenders on a daily basis. This means we can quickly resolve any issues with your file and avoid your case being unnecessarily declined.
    5. Dedicated Case Management – we have a dedicated team responsible for chasing and managing your case effectively. We’ll take care of your case and keep you updated throughout the process.
    6. Experienced Brokers – doing this on a daily basis for decades has meant we have built up a vast amount of knowledge and experience. This gives us an unparalleled understanding of lender requirements and also means that we can provide you with expert advice on how to structure your portfolio, identifying situations and areas that you might not have considered. 

If you are considering a mortgage or thinking of refinancing we highly recommend you speak to a dedicated mortgage broker. Our team is available to discuss options available to you and can offer impartial advice on your current situation. Call us today on 020 3645 4322 or email us at