It is no secret that house-buyers, or anyone looking to remortgage, will now have to pay a lot more now, than if they had taken out the same mortgage a year ago.  This is mainly due to the increase in interest rates and the instability caused by the previous chancellor.

That being said, we are still supporting a large number of our clients in remortgaging their properties, if you are wondering why remortgaging is still so popular we’ve listed a few key reasons below:

Predictable interest rates:
With rates yo-yoing, many clients are looking for ways to create stability for themselves and their families. Remortgaging to a fixed rate product means you’ll know what your monthly mortgage payments are for a fixed period of time. At present 2 year fixed products are cheaper than 5 year fixes.

Access equity:
You may want to access the equity in your property to finance home improvements, consolidate debt or fund other expenses.

Change in financial circumstances:
You may need to remortgage your property due to a change in financial circumstances, such as a loss of income, divorce, or retirement.

Switching lenders:
You may want to switch lenders to take advantage of better mortgage terms or to access a wider range of mortgage products, not currently offered in your current deal. 

For buy-to-let investors, the reasons for remortgaging are largely the same as for other property owners. However, there are some additional considerations to keep in mind, such as: rental income, lender restrictions and tax implications.

How We Can Help
Overall, remortgaging can be a useful financial tool for property owners, but it’s important to carefully weigh the pros and cons and consider individual circumstances before making a decision.

Our experienced brokers will take the time to understand you and your circumstances so that we can source a mortgage product that suits your requirements.

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